Sean Yeager Adventures are written by David Jarrett, also known as D.M. Jarrett. I write to entertain and to explore the near real worlds of Sean Yeager, The Foundation, The Aenathen and The Vuloz. While deceptively written for Middle Grade and Young Adults, I throw the whole kitchen sink into SYA stories and write films in book form.

I live near London, UK. I’m English and a xenophile. My favourite places include in no particular order: Florida, Pembrokeshire, Thailand, London, Seychelles, Maldives, France, Rome, Lugano, Istanbul, Kefalonia, Barbados, Brussels etc etc.

Regarding stereotypes I neither drink tea nor stiffen my upper lip. I find cucumber sandwiches bland (unless they contain marmite) and always travel with genuine hot English mustard (Colemans – it is the best). I try not to eat chips, though I enjoy a good steak from time to time. Roast beef is indeed my favourite dish, but I can be tempted with many other foods from around the world. Surprisingly, I remain slim and relatively sprightly.

My favourite active sport is tennis (except on a windy day). I follow many others including: soccer, rugby, cricket, Formula One (sometimes), golf (sometimes) and all the big events. I used to follow gridiron (when I had the time) – Oakland Raiders are my team – and I’ve been known to attend baseball matches.

I like all kinds of quality media and watch as many decent films as I can. My tastes cover a vast range. Anything good and thought provoking / exciting generally does it for me. Funny is also good and I love really good stand-up comedians.

Music plays a big part in my life and I listen to anything and everything with an emotional tinge from: Florence and the Machine to David Bowie; Nine Inch Nails to Moby; Turin Brakes to Rammstein; and so on. I also enjoy the best of pop (especially when it’s rocked up) , atmospheric ambient chillout, some classical, some opera. If William Orbit co-wrote or produced a track, I probably have it and like it.


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