Sean Yeager Adventures are written by David Jarrett, also known as D.M. Jarrett. I write to entertain and to explore the near real worlds of Sean Yeager, Emily Campbell, the Foundation, the Aenaid and the Vuloz. While deceptively written for Middle Grade and Young Adults, I throw the whole kitchen sink into SYA stories and write films in book form.

I began the Sean Yeager Adventures quest in about 2010 and to date I’ve written a whole heap of backstory, three completed novels, and outlines for another three books. As you read this, I am probably fretting about how best to develop the next SYA episodes in an interesting and unpredictable manner. I am firmly against quantity over quality.

Sean Yeager stories unfold through the experiences of two teenagers – Sean and Emily – who are exploring a near real world much like your own. There are some several underlying themes woven into SYA books – taking personal responsibility, being brave in the face of challenges, and working as a team. On one level, SYA stories pit good against evil. However, making decisions and doing the ‘right thing’ when faced with unexpected consequences is another recurring theme for all the characters.

As a writer, I enjoy the process, which has become a labor of love. Hence, all sales are welcome! On this blog, I write about a variety of topics relevant to authors and readers. I am an independent, and I do this for its own sake to offer something different to young readers. You literally will not find a series like SYA elsewhere, for the simple reason that publishers don’t get it. Magic, myths, cuddly creatures and school diaries they understand. Sci-fi with soul and rounded characters, they do not understand. Which is curious given the mass appeal of action and sci-fi movies, don’t you think?

I live near London, UK. I’m English and a xenophile. My favourite places include in no particular order: Florida, Pembrokeshire, Thailand, London, Seychelles, Maldives, France, Rome, Lugano, Istanbul, Kefalonia, Barbados, Brussels etc.

Regarding stereotypes I neither drink tea nor stiffen my upper lip. I find cucumber sandwiches bland (unless they contain marmite) and always travel with genuine hot English mustard (Colemans – it is the best). I try not to eat chips, though I enjoy a good steak from time to time. Roast beef is indeed my favourite dish, but I can be tempted with many other foods from around the world. Surprisingly, I remain slim and relatively sprightly.

My favourite active sport is tennis (except on a windy day). I follow many others including: soccer, rugby, cricket, Formula One (sometimes), golf (sometimes) and all the big events. I used to follow gridiron (when I had the time) – Oakland Raiders are my team – and I’ve been known to attend baseball matches.

I like all kinds of quality media and watch as many decent films as I can. My tastes cover a vast range. Anything good and thought provoking / exciting generally does it for me. Funny is also good and I love really good stand-up comedians.

Music plays a big part in my life and I listen to anything and everything with an emotional tinge from: Florence and the Machine to David Bowie; Nine Inch Nails to Moby; Turin Brakes to Rammstein; and so on. I also enjoy the best of pop (especially when it’s rocked up) , atmospheric ambient chillout, some classical, some opera. If William Orbit co-wrote or produced a track, I probably have it and like it.

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