A message for moms, books to entertain and inspire boys and tomboys





Hi there,

As a parent, one of the things I’ve noticed of late is how popular books are becoming dumbed down. Now I’m 100% in agreement with equal opportunties and mutual respect. But I am not in favor of talking down to bright, young minds. I prefer to talk about science, mysteries and challenges, which we all face as we grow older. Also, if we’re honest, boy readers are not that interested in unicorns, princesses and the world’s historic struggle for equal rights. Ask them and see the blank or horrified expression spread across their face. So here’s my proposition – give your 8 to 14 year old an intelligent book they will enjoy (gizmos, explosions and chases included) and relax while they read. I present – Sean Yeager Adventures. A epic book series for 8 to 14 year olds with positive messages, lots of real science and historic references and loads of action.

My promise to all moms and dads is that Sean Yeager Adventures will entertain and make your loved ones think and ask questions. There are no fart jokes and the action is age appropriate. I know these books will be well received, because of extensive trialling with (you guessed it) 8 to 14 year old readers. They helped to shape the stories and made suggestions for improvements. In addition, Sean Yeager books are easy to read with a sprinkling of more challenging words to help their reading develop. The clever stuff is in making the reader piece things together by themselves, while giving them a whirlwind tour of Sean Yeager’s world.

The benefits for you? A few hours peace and some enthusiastic readers.

Check out some free samples and see what you think:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Happy reading,

D.M. Jarrett







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